I Fight

“I Fight”

A Mini-Manual of Political Activism

by Rocky J. Suhayda

Chairman American Nazi Party

Often Party Comrades ask “what can I do” to help further our Cause? This booklet is a small attempt to provide a few ideas, that might help answer this question.

First off, let us agree that the best ideas ever conceived, are pretty much useless in bringing to fulfillment, unless they are passed on to others, This is called “out-reach”.

Party Activists play the vital role of bringing the Good Word of National Socialism to their fellow White brothers and sisters – through their out-reach programs. Here, we are going to consider a few of them.

Before we proceed, it is very important to emphasize that our goal is NOT to “agitate” non-Whites with our materials, hence great effort should be made to only place our materials into the hands of our own Racial Folk – the people whom we wish to REACH, EDUCATE, and, eventually ORGANIZE.

Why WASTE our costly materials, and risk a system “hate crime”, by for example posting a Swastika sticker on a jewish dentist’s office, when in all probability – this individual has nothing more to do with the “Judeo-Capitalist Power Structure” , than you or I?

Adherents of the American Nazi Party are NOT “mindless bigots” or “Hollywood Haters”, we are professional-minded National Socialists, sincerely seeking to improve the condition of our Aryan Folk.

Now to Out-Reach ideas –

The ANP produces many propaganda items, all of them at “cost” – unlike so many of these reactionary “patriots for profit”, right-wing outfits out there.

We do NOT deal in “trinkets”, preferring instead on concentrating on producing educational materials with your sacrificial contributions, to help awaken our Folk.

ANP Message Cards are the cheapest, yet most cost-effective item that you can utilize. I have always believed – through years of experience – that IF a person IS interested, giving them a small simple card, that contains a message of interest and a “contact point”…is just as effective, as giving them an entire book.

These cards have been reportedly carefully placed in library books, of interest – on such topics as Nazism, Race, White-History, biographies, etc., – such as people who “think like us” might find of interest. This is called “targeting your prospects”.

This can also include, cars with “rebel plates”, or “politically incorrect” bumper-stickers – people who tend to “think outside the main-stream box”. Or, even whole events such as “gun shows” – provide an entire audience, which are certainly not Marxist-Liberals, for possible enlightenment and recruitment towards NS ideals.

Next, would be “shot-gunning” – this is where you can’t “specify just who” you are reaching out to – where you would take cards, or leaflets and place them carefully under car windshield wipers in parking lots in mass.

The “KEY” to “mass-distributions” is NOT to stay in one area “TOO LONG” – and to do your best to AVOID altercations, by avoiding direct contact with people in the area.

If a car is occupied – pass it by. Don’t hand out leaflets to people going in OR out of the store. And don’t get into a “discussion” with anyone – simply refer them to the leaflet for info. IF they are sincerely interested, they will follow-up.

By “talking with you” – someone MIGHT be attempting to keep you in the area, until “a hassle” arrives – I’m sure that you get my point. Do your job, and leave – period.

Of course, we are assuming that you are NOT wearing anything “identifying” you as an “evil nazi racist”. You have a MISSION to do – and THAT is to achieve your distribution safely, and successfully.

Comrades have also reported carefully placing cards on store shelves under merchandise, and on bulletin-boards in lobbies, or on top of pop and candy machines – in truth, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Some Party Activists go door-to-door, with folded leaflets, and drop them on the porches/stoops for a block – simply park your car at one end of the block, and walk down to the other – as you head back towards your vehicle, you distribute the materials – your back in your car, driving to another location, by the time anyone finds them – long GONE.


I would like to state here very clearly, that what you are doing is NOT “illegal” – but, in this anti-White society – why “out yourself” by not always being as careful as possible?

Next, we come to “stickering”. Now, stickers can be posted carefully wherever there is a flat surface, and white people can pass by and see it. In this case, use your intelligence and your imagination.

The large “bumper-stickers” look great its been reported, on the sides of light-poles in parking-lots! Visible – DAY or NIGHT!

One thing to mention – our items usually don’t remain up very long – some anti-White hater comes along, see’s them, and does their best to remove or deface them. Don’t get upset or down-hearted – this reaction is to be expected.

Our enemies don’t respect OUR right to “free-speech” – we all do agree that we exist in an anti-White, Police State, eh?

But, every little bit that we “DO”, is another blow against their repression, and a STRIKE for FREEDOM for Aryan mankind! National Socialism will NEVER be stopped!

Another “tool” that some Activists have utilized is the “telephone-pole” sign. This is very simple to make – and a very effective “eye-catcher”.

You simply get a large piece of cardboard – stencil on a Swastika, and the website address – and at night, go about and nail them HIGH UP on poles along the road. Make sure the black lettering is BOLD and THICK – or it won’t be seen effectively from afar. It shows up better in news-photos too!

I remember instances where Comrades have made “signs” out of sheets, or old window-shades – and hung them over overpasses along expressways – or, even on trees beside them. A lot of folks saw that!

Lastly, is “snow-flaking”. This is where you take a full-sized piece of paper, and fold it into “fours” – hence producing FOUR “mini-leaflets” after cutting – one hundred “regular leaflets” turns into FOUR HUNDRED! Very cost-effective propaganda!

Carefully, at night – watching in front and behind for headlights – you drive down selected neighborhood street(s) late at night, and as you go along – you toss out hundreds/thousands of your “snow-flakes”.

When the people awake next morning – you get more “news coverage” for your effort – than just about ANYTHING you could “DO”.

We have seen lying “reporters” actually HOLDING UP – OUR materials, for MILLIONS of viewers to SEE on the kosher-controlled tv screen…message, address and all!

As much jews-media “publicity” as a “rally” WITHOUT all the cost, hassle and chance of EXPOSURE and HARM to those involved.

Comrades, we must always bear in mind, it is up to US – to bring OUR MESSAGE – DIRECTLY to our own people.

No more, “filtering it” through the ENEMY’S lie-machine, ie THEIR “media” – that ALWAYS twists, distorts and condemns whatever we are attempting to promote.

It is much MORE preferable, to reach TEN White Workers directly, with the TRUTH of what WE stand for – than a hundred, who are misled and fooled by the enemy’s media FABRICATIONS and FALSEHOODS!

REMEMBER – the “KEY” to distribution is – DON”T “over-do” one single area, by trying to do too much at one time, DON’T return to the same area, over and over, and DON’T stay in one area too long.

Let each of us become NS “Johnny Appleseeds” – everywhere we go – sowing the SEEDS of TRUTH and HOPE! Even a “little bit”, from everyone together = a LOT!

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