Craigslist Activism

An easy and fun way to advertise our cause or website is making postings such as in the “rant and rave” section in your local area (or other areas). The ad is free and anonymous. In a few minutes, you can post an ad that will be seen by hundreds of people each day in your community. There are also views from outside your area, since curious people can surf the posts in any area. In a week an ad can easily rack up over a thousand hits with links to your websites.

Just go to and create an account with any valid email. Your email will not be visible to anyone seeing or responding to the ad. After you log in, on the home page under the “Personals” section, click “rants and raves”. You may need to select your geographical area first. Posting to non-local cities or states works fine if posts are limited to one or two at a time, which they should be anyway. On the page listing the rants and raves, there is a “post” link at the top right of the page. This will take you through the simple process of posting an ad.

Before you publish your ad, go to and follow the simple instructions for generating a counter code for your craigslist ad. Copy and paste this code line at the bottom of your craigslist text before you post your ad. This will give your ad a counter, and you can track the hits, and the location of your hits, on the clmetrics website by entering the counter number in the box on the webpage. You can re-use this same counter every time you re-post your ad on craigslist. Just paste the same code into your ad every time.

(Make sure to have a word document of your ad with the counter code pasted on it saved on your computer so you can quickly copy and paste the whole ad on craigslist any time you need to.)

Recommendations for your posting:

Post a picture with your ad. You can upload any graphic saved on your computer in step 2 of the posting process. Ads with a picture get clicked on much more often.

Don’t post numerous ads at once, or they might all get flagged and removed.

Posters should expect to be “flagged” by the opposition, which often leads to deletion of the ad before it expires. In this case the ad can simply be re-posted. That’s why the craigslist account needs to be monitored regularly.

Appeal to the curiosity of “mainstream” types with your ad if you want viewers to follow website links on the page. Or, you can post very controversial images and text if you are going for the direct approach, but the more obviously “Nazi” your ad is the quicker it might be removed. Remember that the TITLE of your ad must entice viewers to click open your ad. The picture will be the next thing they see. Think about your target audience and plan your title to draw them in. Experiment with titles to see what works best.

Check your craigslist account daily. Renew or re-post your ad if it has expired or been flagged and deleted. This option will place the posting back to the top of the newest listings for better visibility. Monitor your hits at

Be creative and have fun!

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2 Responses to Craigslist Activism

  1. Francis says:

    Great post! Glad to see this blog still active! 🙂

  2. AJ's Blog says:

    So simple it only takes a few seconds to do a few ANP flyers.

    AJ 88!

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