Last week I wrote an article in reply to an email I got from someone calling himself GootenNazi88. That article ended up being long and covered two topics, so I chose to split it into to articles. The second one was scheduled to be published today, however since part one was published my trollish friend, Good Nutzi, sent me a second email accusing me and party adherents of being cowards for choosing to protect our privacy.

First I would like to address the accusation that I only go by my first name. Good Nutzi, the full name in which I go by in the movement in Chris Shaw, but this is a code name and only a few people within the party know my real name. And I decline your challenge to publish my real name and contact information on this blog, however if you would like to put your real name and contact info in the comments below to prove that you are not a coward then that will be fine by me, though I believe you to be a troll and a hypocrite and therefor will not do so.

Now I address my readers, particularly to those new to the movement. The choice to operate in the open or under cover is up to each party supporter. Some, especially those who have been in the movement for a long time, choose to operate in the open. However, most choose not to. Those to choose not to operate in the open are not cowards, they have merely made the wise choice to protect themselves, their families, their friends, and their fellow party supporters.

I urge you to protect your privacy until you are 100% sure that you want to open in the open, and even then I suggest not coming out until you have a reason to do so. Until then take all necessary steps to protect your privacy and safety.

Finally, when I started this blog I created an email address specifically for my work on it. As of a couple of days ago that email account has been suspended. I also have a party email address. Those wanting to get a hold of me can do so at

Chris    14/88

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3 Responses to Privacy

  1. Johnny NS-Appleseed Spreading the word one item at a time says:

    Never be goaded by the opposition into doing what THEY WANT! Of course they wish to know who we are, and everything about us, so that they can percecute us to the best of their abilities. At present, there is no good reason for NS to “out” themselves, other than to paint a target on their backs. Look at this Goofin-Nutzi, first he urges us to go out in public, acting like typical hollywierd-nutzi loons. Next, he “challenges” us to EXPOSE ourselves, so he knows who we are. Its obvious to me at least, that the ANP is operating in the most intelligent manner possible,. and the enemy hates it.

  2. Otto88 says:

    At this time I think that organized public displays are a futile endeavor. I prefer a more indirect approach to educate the public through signage and message cards. I think if White people can receive our message passively and privately, they are able to decide if memebership is right for them, without any chance of ridicule from those who may not understand the ANP message. Otto88

  3. Doug says:

    Yes, we have all heard the arguement to either be very proactive and outspoken in public or attend a more reserved, stealth approach to promotion of the ANP. Knowledge is power, and the less knowledge they have about us, the more power we have over the situation at hand. The old way hasn’t proven to be an effective means of promotion. We need to work smarter and not harder. I plan on opportunistically getting out the ANP message when it arises in everyday meeting of people. Doug

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