Password Security

Those of you comrades engaged in online activism no doubt accounts set up on sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and BlogSpot. Problem is is if one of your accounts should become compromised it could be used as a weapon against the movement. Your blog or YouTube channel could be used to provide false information to discredit us. Not only that but your account could potentially be used to out party comrades.

Because the most likely way your accounts might become compromised is through compromised passwords. Because of this the following rules should be followed with regards to passwords:

1. Choose a completely random password, not based on a dictionary word which is at least 9 characters long with at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one number, and one symbol.

The more complicated the password is the more difficult it would be to figure out.

2. Use a different password with every account.

In the event that one of your accounts is compromised having different passwords would prevent the remainder from being hacked.

3. Write the passwords down, and keep them in your wallet.

Ten years ago the biggest threat was that someone digging through would find your passwords written down and discarded. With resent advances in computer and internet speed several computers working together could break a weak password in minutes. Therefore passwords should be sufficiently complicated to prevent a person from memorizing them. Note I said to keep the passwords in your wallet and not laying on your desk.

4. Change your passwords at least every 90 days.

Much more difficult to hit a moving target.

The ANP has a random password generator. You may get the generator by emailing and asking for it.

Chris    14/88

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2 Responses to Password Security

  1. Timm says:

    Very good! When’s the next post?

  2. SHHH says:

    Use encrypted password managers to store the passwords.. AES 256 bit encryption apps like 1 password do a great job..

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