What NOT to do With Outreach Literature

I recently received a flyer on my doorstep that was so poorly done in every possible way I felt that I should write about it just to ensure that National Socialist activists do not make the same fatal errors. I’m not sure where to start because there really isn’t anything done RIGHT on this flyer.

Anyways, it is a full page typed up flyer with words from top to bottom without a single paragraph or other necessary formatting. Not good. There is no bold headline, no statement of purpose or intent, no images etc. Most likely this was written by a “crazy” person.

After painfully reading the entire sheet, I have no idea about what this person wants to do or what they have a problem with. It is so poorly written and without any clarity of direction that it fails from the start. So many topics are covered from NASA to abortions to mind reading that it doesn’t make any sense at all. Proper outreach material should be specific and direct covering one topic preferably, or at most two and show a very clear purpose. Most people would take one look at this, MAYBE read the first sentence, and then toss it.

At the bottom of the paper where proper contact information should be (ie. website URL, P.O. box address etc), this awful flyer simply had the person’s name and the city. Contact information is essential so that an interested individual would know exactly where to go to get more information.

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