The ANP needs your help!

The American Nazi Party is in need of your help! Below are a few ways you could help further the cause. Remember, a National Socialist American is not possible until we stand up and do our part.


Outreach is the process by which the ANP receives most of its recruits. The ANP, like any political organization, requires new recruits in order to gain any type of power or influence. I ask that all those reading this go back through and read the past post on this blog and get more involved in outreach.


The ANP also needs money in order to operate. We are strictly a volunteer organization. Nobody within the ANP, including the Chairman, receives any kind of salary or compensation for their work. Despite this, the ANP does not receive the kind of funds necessary to to compete in today’s political arena. Donations are the only source of income the ANP has, please consider increasing your donations.

Run for Office

The goal of any political party is to gain political power by getting people elected to office. If you are in a position where you can run for office then please by all means consider doing so. Anyone considering running for office should contact Dan at


For those writers out there, there are several ways you can contribute, including the ANP’s monthly publication — The White Worker, or starting a blog for your region. The ANP would also love to hear any other writing ideas you may have.


If you have any other talents the ANP may have use for them.

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4 Responses to The ANP needs your help!

  1. Heather Anderson says:

    I am in NorCal and was wondering if there are any support staff stationed around. I am interested in Rallies also.

  2. I’m living in Kuala Lumpur, how might I assist?

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