White Worker Flyer in A3 Paper Format

Here is a new flyer in a different format that may work really well for some people if you have the right equipment and, of course, the appropriately sized paper.

This example (which would make a good flyer as-is) is an indication of the sorts of things that can and could be done if one purchased an A3 printer, like this one:


It costs $278 but there are many cheaper alternatives that will work as well. Check your current printer to see what paper sizes it can handle. You could also re-size this flyer for standard paper if you like. Upon purchase of an acceptable printer you could easily produce a simple double-sided A3 newspaper type propaganda sheet. Indeed, once provided with a template, active units could produce their own newspapers. What we are talking about is, therefore, a paper twice the length of the example I have sent. You’d simply feed the first page back into the printer to get the second page printed, etc.

You might want to aim to produce 1,000 “papers” to target specific white working class areas per unit per month. Targeted distribution is vital.

In addition, the newspaper could be made available for PDF download. It would be the intention to include party news on Page 2 (NS Lobbyist, ANP Radio, ANP website, ANP membership etc etc) as well as shorter stories.

It’s very tabloid because that’s what will work for your average joe. They don’t want long articles. They want short, pithy, headlines, a bit of a read, and most people have such limited attention spans this sort of thing is perhaps just what they, and we, need.

Anyway, your comments would be most appreciated.

Here is the flyer:

White Worker Tabloid

Contact mike.nsag@gmail.com with any questions about this.

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2 Responses to White Worker Flyer in A3 Paper Format

  1. Outstanding!! We will start printing these ASAP!! Excellent work!! 88!!

  2. Timm says:

    New post??

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