Two New Flyers

This week’s post will be rather short, but regular posts will resume on September 16th.  Today I simply wanted to bring two new flyers to everyone’s attention and they can be found HERE and HERE.

The first flyer is meant to be cut up into individual squares and used as-is or they also can make great stickers.  This is as discrete as it gets, and a passerby won’t know what it is until they scan it with their smart phone.  When they do, it will pull up the ANP website on their mobile device.

The second flyer is also great for stickers, and states what many Americans think but are too afraid to speak outloud: “No War for Israel!”

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2 Responses to Two New Flyers

  1. James Dean says:

    That mobile one looks really good! What a great idea. If anyone is JUST starting to put out flyers and they are a little nervous, that one would be perfect. Plus it gets the ANP right on the phone so they can look at it later and not worry about losing the flyer or business card.

  2. Justin b says:

    The Scan code flyer is great ,already printed them up.

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