Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of improving a website’s rink in search engines, irregardless of the value or relevance of the site’s content. In contrast the goal of search engines is to place the most valuable or relevant content at the top of their results. These goals do unfortunately contradict, and therefore it is in the best interest of search engines to keep secret how they index sites.

This article will discuss some of the techniques used to improve a sites rank in a search engine. It needs to be noted that search engines are constantly refining their indexing technologies to help ensure that only the most relevant content receive high rankings.

Meta Tags

Meta tags had been used early in the history of search engines to determine what search phrases a site was indexed under. The problem with that was that it depended on the honesty of the webmasters and often times webmasters would use bogus meta data to add their site to search terms that didn’t relate to their site. Pornographic websites were notorious for doing this.

Today all of the major search engines ignore meta tags. Providing meta data for your website will not improve it’s placement, and if the meta data does not match the actual content of the site can actually lower your ranking.

Hidden Content

Another technique which had been used in the past was to place text that was the same color as the background, or create pages that were difficult to find by human readers. Today search engines are smart enough to know when they are being tricked in this way and will ignore this content.


Links are used by search engine as a means of judging the value of your site. Sites with more links pointing to them are considered to be more valuable. Sites with more links also have the added advantage of being indexed more often.


The best way to improve your sites rank in search engines will be to actually improve your content. Improving your content will do far more good then all other techniques combines.

Chris    14/88

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2 Responses to Search Engine Optimization

  1. Kyle says:

    Interesting post, I didn’t know that meta tags have been phased out. So is it best to post or make changes to a site as often as possible?

    • anpoutreach says:

      The meta tag hasn’t really been “phased out”, its usefulness is just in question. How websites are indexed by search engines is a major industry secret, kept secret to prevent abuse by spammers. It actually isn’t known how search engines use meta tags, however SEO is a big business and has been well studied, and most studies show that meta data have little to no impact on search engine ranking.

      You also need to keep in mind that SEO is not the only use of meta data. There are other important uses such as copyright and language information. So you should still use meta data, I just wouldn’t waste my time trying to think up keywords.

      As I said before, how search engines work is a closely guarded secret, so any discussion on how often you should update your website would be nothing more then speculation. But I will say this, updating often won’t hurt, and it might show to the search engine that the site is actively be maintained. Its also a good idea to keep your site updated just to ensure that it is kept relevant and up to date.

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