A note on online activism

Over the past few weeks I have received several article requests, all of which relate to online activism. I am concerned that this may mean that my readers are not engaging themselves in actual literature distribution. I just want to remind my readers that online activism is good but is second to our real literature distribution efforts in importance. I ask that those readers not yet engaged in literature distribution please read or reread the following past articles and put what is written into action:

Why do we perform outreach?
First Time Doing Outreach
Distributing Message Cards

It is true that there are some individuals with special circumstances who which prevent them from participating in literature distribution, but these situations are rare.


Someone down in Brazil is trying to sell me their “email marketing” software (more commonly known as a spambot), and to prove how well it works they are spamming my blog with at least fifty comments a day. I haven’t heard from anyone saying that their comment was never published, but it would a good idea to send me a quick email at anpoutreach@yahoo.com whenever you post a comment, just so I know to check the spam filter.

Chris    14/88

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2 Responses to A note on online activism

  1. Kyle B says:

    Very true that online activism is a supplement to “real world” outreach and not a substitute. Love your articles, please don’t stop you have a great blog!

  2. Dan says:

    I know that we get busy these days, but we need to keep that literature flowing. If you slip a few cards onto the shelves every time you go to the store, it will add up fast. Always keep a few in your pockets. You never know when you’ll get the chance to use them.

    Dan 88!

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