Making A Website

I’ve received a request for an article on “how to make a website.” For those who want to make their own websites I suggest you go back and reread the post on establishing your online presence. For the vast majority of activists WordPress will be all you will ever need. Though I think this person was perhaps wanting to know how to build a site from scratch. This is an advanced topic, one for which I could write a daily post on for the next year and still not cover a fraction of what I know. It also needs to be known that I am a software engineer, not a web designer, so any advice I give would be overkill, so instead of writing a really long and technical post which probably isn’t going to help you much, I’m just going to give you some resources to get started with. is probably the best beginners tutorial on the web. I would suggest studying it’s tutorials in this order:

2. CSS
3. JavaScript
5. DHTML (at this time you’ve covered enough to become a web designer)
6. PHP
7. SQL
8. jQuery
9. XML
10. JSON
11. AJAX

With daily practice you should be able to become a web developer in about a years time.

When it comes time to publish your website you are going to need a host. Note, web hosting costs money. has a wide range of hosting and other programming resources. I suggest looking through their hosting articles before publishing.

If you are serious about becoming a web developer then you might also consider the ANP’s new apprenticeship program. For more information email me at


Time Change

Right now new posts are published each Sunday at 6pm central time. This time is not working for me, so beginning next week I am pushing the time back to midnight.


I’ve got a request for an article on making YouTube videos. I unfortunately don’t have any experience in making YouTube videos, so if any of you make videos, would you please consider writing up an article for this blog and sending it to either or


I’ve gotten some requests for articles on SEO or search engine optimization. Search engine technology has drastically improved the past few years. To the point that SEO is also substantially different, and not as relevant as it once was. The best thing that you can do to optimize your site is to check your spelling and grammar, and to make sure you include plenty of relevant detail in your writing. There are still other things that you can do. I am going to take a week or so to research this topic further to make sure it is as relevant as it could be.

Chris    14/88

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