Establishing Your Online Presence

Online activism can be extremely effective if done properly, though it should not be used as a substitute for local activism. A good activism will be engaged in both online and local outreach efforts.


Before continuing I would like to make everyone aware that all of the ideas in this post will require an account sign up. Account sign ups should not stand in your way, nor should they in any way compromise your privacy. All that is needed to protect your privacy to use an alias and a email account set up specifically for your online activism.

Also be aware that by having a published email account you may from time too time receive some very mean and/or threatening emails, like one I recently got which told me to “PLEZ DO THE WRLD A FAVR BY KILL U SEV PAINFY AND SLOWY!!! (sic)“. When you get an email like this just ignore it, delete it, and move on. All they are doing is demonstrating that they possess the same amount of bigotry, hatred, and intolerance as they are accusing us of having (as well is their lack of any kind of an education). It’s also important to remember that there is no way for them know who you are unless you reply back to them.


One very effective way of getting your message out is by blogging. I suggest that when you are blogging that you narrow the focus of your blog to a specific focus such as current events, politics, ideology, or outreach. A note for those choosing current events, the ANP suggests tailoring the blog to your own area.

Below are two of the most commonly used blogging sites. I suggest researching these sites and talking with bloggers who use them before setting up your blog.


Owned by Google.

I do not have much first hand experience with Blogspot so you’ll probably want to talk with other activists who use it before signing up.

Geared more towards basic users, Blogspot is suppose to be simple and easy to work with, but does not have many special features.


This is the site that I use. Its got a reputation for not being as easy to use as other sites, though I have found this to be not true. It took me about fifteen minutes to get my blog up, and publishing content is as easy as typing the content and either pressing the publish button to publish it immediately or by entering the time you want it to be published.

WordPress also offers a content management system which allows you to expand your blog into a full fledged website.

WordPress, unlike Google has a libertarian policy on content, so you should not have any trouble from them about publishing politically incorrect content. Though as long as you don’t use any derogatory, profane, or threatening language you shouldn’t have any trouble with either of these sites.


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, YouTube is a site which allows anyone to register and upload videos. Videos can be made for propaganda or educational purposes.

Just like in blogging I recommend you choose an area of focus, such as current events, politics, or ideology.

YouTube can also be combined with a blog to form a video blog. An excellent example of how this could be done is the RAMZPAUL video blog, located at

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2 Responses to Establishing Your Online Presence

  1. ROCK says:

    One point I stress here – DO NOT get involved in arguements with ANYONE on-line. This only gives them an “excuse” ( ie material ) to go to your net-providers and complain about you. The material is there – they can READ IT and LEARN – or go soak their heads. You don’t like what they write – delete it! Its YOUR blogsite.

  2. John says:

    It would be great to have a part 2 for this about SEO and making your blog look appealing.

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