Quality Matters

Comrades, today’s post will be short and a little different then my previous posts.

Comrades, please start paying attention to the quality of the material you are distributing. The higher the quality, the more likely it will be to be noticed and taken seriously.

Now I would like to describe an act of activism which I saw yesterday. Afterwards I’ll discuss what was done right and how it could be improved. Just a note: I do not know who the activist is, but I hope he keeps promoting the cause.

Yesterday, on my way out of town, I noticed a sign placed over a mile marker. The sign was made from a emptied brown fifty pound bag of dog food. The bag was NOT painted over. On it there was a swastika written with a yellow marker. Below the swastika, near the lower left hand corner was written “ANP”. I think the activist was trying to write out the party URL, “ANP14.com”, but I did not see the “14.com” after the ANP.

First off, he chose his sign material well. A dog food bag would be easy to handle and is readily available to activists who own dogs. It is a good idea to look at any items you are about to throw in the trash and think to yourself if it could be used. Second, ho chose a very good location. The sign was placed on a busy stretch of highway. The highway was also one of the state’s main east-west routes, thus the sign was likely seen be people from several areas in Northern Missouri.

Here are a few ways the sign could have been improved:

  •  The sign covered a mile marker, which is against the law.
  • The bag should have been painted with a background color. Either white, red, or black would have worked good with the sign.
  • Yellow text over a light brown background was barely readable. I couldn’t tell that there was anything written on the bag until I was just about to pass it. Contrasting colors should always be used.
  • Thin lines were used to write the swastika and text. Activists should always write boldly to make their material easy to read. Remember, people may be driving by at 65 miles an hours when they see the sign.

Chris    14/88

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7 Responses to Quality Matters

  1. ROCK says:

    One suggested idea is – utilizing all these “campaign signs” that are on wire stands – simply turn them inside-out and put YOUR MESSAGE there! White cardboard with BOLD BLACK lettering STANDS OUT well. At this time of the year, our cities are littered with them everywhere – just don’t be too greedy – take a few at a time, if caught you can say “Oh, I like these guys, I’m taking them home for my yard”. LOL

  2. Rick and Gina says:

    We bought white poster board and it was in a package with about 10 poster boards and bold letter
    stencils. We bought it at the local Drug store for less than $5.00. We put the swastika (in black) on top, and then ANP14.com in red. Where to hang the signs has been our only conundrum. Rocky’s idea however, is genius! Thank you!

  3. Rick and Gina says:

    We are so grateful for the ANP! We were a little scared the first time we put literature out! Now we have become a lot less scared. We listen to past and present radio programs daily, we also STUDY! The more we educate ourselves about National Socialism, the more hope we have, the more creative we become about outreach, and the better our quality of life has become! The spark of life that we thought had died, has literally come back! It is more and more each day. Spark and creativity are Aryan strengths. National Socialism is THE Aryan way!
    Our survival, Our health, Our happiness, Our success, Our families, Our children…Need we say more? Hail Victory!

  4. John says:

    Hey, where’s the new post?

    • gon says:

      You are a bit difficult to find. – my first post here… as I age I find myself more and more irritated by.. Whites denouncing Whites. I’m sick of watching minorities invading our nation with no repercussions and every organization being praised for having ‘organized,’ yet let White folks organize and it’s raciest!?

      But, I’m an Atheist… born once. So, where do I turn? …don’t suggest “God.” Tried that as a kid and have learned too much about how things really work to follow that path. Which leads me to wonder if there’s any room in your organization for someone like myself?

      I’ve watched Whites demonized for years in moves and children’s shows; and have pointed that out to my own. I’ve limited my reproduction to two – as I watch our ‘minorities’ procreate to the point of eventual majorities. I’ve watched our culture, what little we may have, diminished and displaced by those fleeing failed cultures yet trying to replace ours with theirs. And I’ve watched predatory minorities prey on our children, impregnating them and moving on…

      I agree to my core with many of your feelings and desires, but can’t safely share this with anyone. Damn. Well, that’s a bit of an introduction… I haven’t the time to follow this much, but I did stop what I was doing (listening to NPR) to come in and hunt ‘you’ up. This is the first sight Google brought me to where.. some solid stuff was being spoken. …but like I said, I doubt I’d fit, and that’s a damn shame, cuz I do feel some political and cultural butt needs kicked (in every legal way) and don’t know if I’d be welcome. I’ll do my best to watch, and Thanks for the opportunity to vent ~

      • ROCK says:

        Of course you would fit. “Religion” or lack of, plays no part in the ANP – its a matter of personal choice. I suggest that you review our ANP main site http://www.ANP14.com , especially the “support” section.

      • gon says:

        Thank you ROCK, I just did. You’ve a tuff row to hoe.. Hitler and connections to him have been so demonized within this country. And honestly, I feel he went too far. I’m not looking for extremism, but perhaps that’s what it will take to alleviate my disgust with the direction we’re headed.

        Man, if some of my ‘friends’ knew where my head’s really at on this – they’d freak. And that’s a big problem, many believe the same but the ‘extremist’ stance would/ will send them running. …and I must admit, it’s got me wondering. Yes, the Hitler connections – not your desire to maintain the dominance of those who’ve built this nation.

        Yes, thank you for straightening me out on the religious question. And no, I didn’t see any indication it is a factor in your movement. I’ve been an activist most of my life, brought up by strong parents not afraid to question authority. There’s now a lot more than ‘authority’ to question – we’ve, as described, got a political and social system that appears to thrive on cheap labor and it’s eventual vote.

        …I’m wondering how I could help, and still be taken seriously, if not too seriously by all I know? I’m not about to give you advice, your ‘in your face’ attitude and style is admirable. …and though I’d never have thought I’d say this – I’m glad you’re here! Keep up the solid work and I’ll do some more homework before posting again.

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