Another activity you can do is signs. In its simplest form you’re just taking a marker and drawing a swastika and our URL ( on a piece of cardboard and hanging it on a telephone. Like other political outreach activities there are a lot of variants and refinements.

When making signs you need to remember that people are going to be driving by when they see your sign, so it needs to be easy and quick to read. The simplest thing you can draw is a swastika, though you can also use a short slogan. The American Sheeple tend to vote for whoever has the catchiest slogan. Some slogans I’ve used in the past are “2 + 2 = 5?”, “STAND UP TO THE 1%”, and “TIRED OF GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION?”. Feel free to use any of these or make your own. Also remember to write very clearly. Large bold text is best. Remember, motorists are only going to have a second to read your sign.

Cardboard is probably the best material to use as it doesn’t bend much in the wind and it is very cheap. You can get large amounts of cardboard free just by calling local stores and tell them you’re moving and need boxes for packing. They will gladly give you all the cardboard they have, since otherwise they have to pay someone to come to the store to take it to a recycling center. Also you should call in the afternoon, before they restock shelves.

There are other materials that you can use to make signs such as old sheets.

Another to keep in mind is appearance. A good looking sign will be easier to read and help it get noticed more. I like to use spray paint to give the sign a background color (usually white or red), and then paint on the text in a contrasting color.

When hanging the signs you want to go out late at night and target white neighborhoods or businesses frequented by whites. You can hang the signs of trees, utility poles, overpasses, or anywhere else you can find to hang them, just don’t cover any traffic signs. You also want to hang them high so no one can tare them down easily. Bringing something to stand of like bucket or a milk crate can help with that. You also want to work fast. I suggest getting a staple gun to speed things up.

Chris 14/88

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2 Responses to Signs

  1. ROCK says:

    Keep an eye out on garbage days, to gather old pull-down window-shades from the trash. These make large, great “signs” – all you have to do in unroll them, spray-paint them – and after drying, they’re ready to be nailed up somewhere. Use LARGE – BOLD – BLACK lettering , it stands out better than any other color, and it photographes best. Remember – the BIGGER the SIGN – the better it is to be seen. Signs are a cheap, effective means of propaganda! With todays internet, all they really need is that short internet address –

  2. Johnny NS-Appleseed Spreading the word one item at a time says:

    Gather up these “campaign signs” on wires that stick in the ground from the political whores, turn them inside out, and utilize them for OUR MESSAGE! Its FREE, and easy to use!

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