First off I would like to apologize for not getting this weeks post up on Sunday evening. I had a family emergency and had to leave before having the post scheduled to publish. Here is this weeks post.

Snowflaking is very simple, but also effective. One or two people can do it but I recommend two people.

What you do is late at night drive down residential streets and just throw handfuls of literature out the window. Midnight is sufficient in my area but you may need to go later in other areas. Its best to have two people, one to drive and one to throw, but if you don’t have anybody to go with you can just drive on the wrong side of road. While tossing literature you also need to be watching your surroundings. If you see headlight or people outside stop throwing and just keep driving like normal.

The worse thing that can happen to you under normal conditions is that you’ll get a ticket for littering, and even that is unlikely. I have never been pulled over and the odds to coming across a cop are usually small. As a matter of fact some cities actually scale back night time patrols or just plain don’t do them at all.

When doing this you want to use the most cost effective literature you have. One thing you can do is to take a regular full page flier and print it four to a sheet. you could also use message cards. I prefer to use the newer three or four to a sheet mini fliers on the ANP website. What you use is really up to you, but it should look small.

One refinement you could make is to place the literature in a sandwich bags along with a rock. The rock is to make the bag easier to throw and keeps it from blowing in the wind. The new packaging is easier to handle and allows you to go out in less then perfect weather without worrying about literature blowing away or getting wet. The bags have the added benefit of requiring less literature to get the job done, you only need a couple of fliers or cards versus a dozen or more fliers per yard without the bag.

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5 Responses to Snowflaking

  1. John says:

    Thank you for this recent post. I think that rather than throw out “handfuls of literature” from the car, activists should stick to the ziplock bag idea and throw out one per driveway. Less wasteful and less chance of a littering charge.

  2. ROCK says:

    Yes, fighting against this evil, Judeo-Capitalist system IS sometimes “risky”, but is there ANYTHING that we shouldn’t consider to achieve those 14Words? I’m NOT advocating anything “illegal” here, like violence – but, com’on folks – our race is being “gently exterminated” , isn’t it? Whats great about “snowflaking” is that it you do it “enough” – the media gets wind of it, and some talking head comes out and holds your material UP TO THE CAMERA – giving you a million dollars worth of “publicity”, message, contact info et al. And isn’t THAT what you did this for in the first place, spreading the Good Word of National Socialism? Another example is – on a windy day – go to a store parking lot – IF the wind is blowing in the correct direction – simply park at the edge of the lot, open your door, drop a pile of mini-leaflets on the ground and drive away – the wind does the rest! Remember – you HAVE to do this in a LARGE ENOUGH quantity to GET NOTICED. Hail Victory! 88!

  3. Rick and Gina Bird says:

    Great Idea! We love all the Ideas we can get! Hail Victory, 14/88!

  4. Rick and Gina Bird says:

    We also make our own stickers out of address labels. Every time you use a public restroom, we stick one on the stall walls usually the door of the stall so it is seen by everyone who uses it! It’s easy to do and no one sees you. Rick and Gina 14/88!

  5. I have done this when I was with the National Alliance. It is very effective and if you can toss a few in the parking lots of NEWS Stations ,even better, you may make the NEWS the next morning. So more free advertisement. Get the news out ,any way you can think of, be adventurous.

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