Example: Our Greatest Tool

In 1934, during Hitler’s rise to power, Theodore Abel, a Sociology Professor with Columbia University, was in Germany researching the National Socialist movement and their rise to power. As part of his research Abel offered a prize for autobiographies of party adherents. What follows is an excerpt from one of the submitted autobiographies:

At the back of my house there lived a functionary of the Communist Party who was rather ill disposed toward me. The man had a dog, and so did I. Consequently we often met in front of the house, since we were in the habit of taking our dogs out at the same hour. One day the dog, to which he seemed very much attached, was hid by an automobile. When I heard his cry I went outside, and offered to bandage the dog. This was the more welcome, as the Communist seemed quite lost, while I had the necessary first-aid material in the house.

From that time on we were friends. I continued to discuss political questions with him, and finally I got him to the point where he consented to attend a meeting of the N.S.D.A.P. and listen to the “quacking,” as he put it. The meeting was at Hasenhaide, Comrade Dr. Goebbels speaking. As we parted after the meeting, my friend the Communist said very little. I noticed that he seemed different from his usual self, and that he seemed to have heard something new at the meeting. Still it took some time before he came to the conclusion that the views he had previously held were not right.

One day he came to me, and told me he was sick of the crookedness of the Communist party and that he had become a member of the N.S.D.A.P. From that time on the Communist party persecuted him relentlessly, and threatened him every day. He could not remain in his old quarters, and shortly afterwards he moved. I never saw him again, but I am convinced he became a good fighter.

Comrades, we must live our lives the way true National Socialist should. Only through our examples will we be able to dispel the “evil bigoted racist” myths that so often plague the movement.

Always remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you. This rule is not restricted to those of our own race. We must treat members of all races with respect. Bullying blacks and jews will get us nowhere, but treating them with the respect that they deserve will go a long way towards dispelling the negative myths surrounding the movement.

Above quote was taken from Theodore Abel’s “The Nazi Movement” ISBN: 978-1412846134.

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2 Responses to Example: Our Greatest Tool

  1. ROCK says:

    The key word here, is those who deserve respect.

  2. ghost1200 says:

    Well said. We must dispel the myth that we are nothing but haters. Personally, I don’t hate anyone.

    Dan 88!

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