Non-Race Topics

There are two audiences to whom we are trying to appeal to: those who are in the movement or had been burned out by it, and those who are outside the movement who want to make a difference but know not how. Both audiences are important, however it seems that most of our efforts have been towards the first group, perhaps because they are the easier to attract.

It is unfortunate that we don’t put more emphasis on attracting more people who have never been active in the movement before. It is also unfortunate that these people are a little harder to attract. A slogan and a swastika on a card is probably going to scare them away.

It has become clear to me, as well as to a few other people, that these people will not unite for race–at least not at this time. Instead they may need to be won over by other means. It is important to remember that National Socialism possessed a full platform that includes many other topics besides the white power that many in the movement keep shouting. We also care about such things as the economy, agriculture, the environment, and many other things. For a better idea of what we believe in read our platform, or better yet, read Mein Kampf.

Most white people may not unite over race, but I can assure you that they will care about such things as being able to put food on the table and a room over their heads. It’s time we put more emphasis on such things in our outreach efforts.

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One Response to Non-Race Topics

  1. ROCK says:

    By utilizing topics other than just ‘race’, we open the door to an eventual discussion of that issue, once we have gained that persons interest. Being a ‘one issue’ program, leaves you to only attract a certain segment of the White population. We need to attract people who are concerned about other problems, especially if they live in areas where race isn’t yet a huge, major problem in their minds. Remember – National Socialism isn’t ONLY concerned with “race” – its so much MORE! Lets keep addressing EVERY issue of concern to White people!

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