Staying Safe

First off I want to remind you that you are not wrong. The outreach you are doing for the party is completely legal. There is no law against being a National Socialist, or against political activism. Now that we got that out of the way lets get on to your safety.

1.    Don’t do anything illegal. Do not give the police or anyone else a reason to harass you. That means no trespassing, vandalism, theft, harassment, and so forth. That also means don’t do anything that could be called a hate crime, by targeting non white communities with our material. This serves no purpose. All you are doing is wasting your material and agitating the non whites. It is true that in the course of you outreach work a flier may find its way onto a black man’s windshield or a Jew’s lawn, but this is incidental and cannot be avoided when randomly targeting cars or neighborhoods. Also, if you are confronted by the police then comply with their requests. Do not give them a reason to arrest you.

2.    Do not make yourself a target. When you leave the house don’t be wearing anything that could identify you as a Nazi or a racist. Try to appear normal. While you are out do not make any racist remarks or jokes. Do not confront anyone. Just deliver your material, stay under the radar, and get out.

3.    Do not stay in one place for to long. The longer you are there the more likely someone is to find out what you are doing. Leave before anybody has a chance to realize what you are there for.

4.    Don’t do any activism close to home. Go some place where you will not be recognized.

5.    Be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for anyone who may be watching or following. If you think that you are being watched GET OUT IMMEDIATELY. Yes, it is true that you could just be paranoid, but DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES. Just get in your car and drive away. But not straight home, drive around for a while just in case you are being followed. If your in the car and think you’re being followed then drive around a block and see if the car is still behind you. Start driving towards the police station. Once they realize you are heading for the police that should be enough to scare them away. Don’t stop for anything. If you must stop then do so in a crowded place. Make sure you bring a cell phone with you just in case you need to call the police. If you don’t have a cell phone then get one of those prepaid phones from the store.

6.    If you have a feeling of being in danger, even if you don’t know why, GET OUT. DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES. Same advise as above applies here. Just get out and stay safe.

It is not my intent to scare you away from doing outreach work, but to make you aware of some of the possible dangers. More then likely nothing will happen. In all the time I’ve been doing political outreach nothing has ever happened to me. But you don’t know when something will happen. Be prepared, be aware of your surroundings, and be safe.

Chris    14/88


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One Response to Staying Safe

  1. ROCK says:

    You make it sound kinda “scary”. LOL In all my decades of distributing outreach materials, I only had ONE “incident” worthy of mention. I was leafleting cars in a lot, and some big mouth patriotard got out of his car in the middle of the lot and tried to intimidate me. Well, I still have his car keys hanging from my book shelves in my library, when he dropped them and ran and locked himself inside his vehicle. To this day, I wonder how long he had to sit there, in the middle of the road, not being able to go anywhere! The only reason that I had this problem was that I stayed in that lot too long, trying to do 500 cars all by myself. Lesson learned – don’t stay in one area too long, there are tons of different store lots out there.

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