Distributing Message Cards

Message cards are quite possibly the most cost effective material we have at our disposal, and every bit as effective as a full page flyer. They are small enough that you can conceal dozens of them in your pocket, most often consisting of a short message or slogan and the link to our website.

Retail and grocery stores offer a simple but high traffic area for distribution. When hitting stores don’t stay in one place for too long, you do not want to still be in the aisle when one of your cards is found. Also, be aware of your surroundings. Be on the look out for anyone who might be watching you, and try to appear as one of the shoppers. Do not hit the same store too often, spread your distribution around to as many other area stores as possible.

Below are just a few ideas:

  • Place a card face down on any surface in the store.
  • Place a card face up under items.
  • Place cards between or behind items.
  • Slide cards inside of packages (do not damage or open packages).
  • If the store has a bulletin board post one of your cards on it.

Libraries also offer a good opportunity. Because books can potentially sit on shelves for years at a time there is no need to keep hitting the same library over and over again. You should however return occasionally. In libraries you just simply place a card in books related to National Socialism, such as race, history, or biographies. Any leftover cards can be placed in random books throughout the library. *** DO NOT PLACE CARDS IN CHILDRENS BOOKS, THE ANP DOES NOT HAVE A YOUTH DIVISION ***

Message cards are not limited to markets and libraries. Below is just a sampling on some of the things you can do with message cards:

  • Place a card face down on the table as you leave the restaurant.
  • Place cards inside napkin dispensers at restaurants.
  • On any public bulletin board.
  • Place cards in the open compartment at the bottom of vending machines, where the item falls.
  • Stuff cards inside papers in newspaper dispensers.

Remember, this is by no means a comprehensive list. I would love to see some of your other ideas in the comments below.

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5 Responses to Distributing Message Cards

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve also put them into the credit card slots at the gas pumps or somewhere around the gas pump because a lot of people get bored pumping gas and when they get a card they get curious looking at it. By the way, here is a new ANP video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmW2VRGGQkw&feature=g-upl

  2. Kevin says:

    Leaving them under car windshild wipers is my favorite thing. The car is empty, so who’s to hassle you? Most people remove them the moment they reach their cars, I’ve sat and watched the reaction. Many also take them with them, rather than discarding them right on the spot.

  3. Rick n Gina says:

    We leave them on store shelves, car windshields and public info boards. The new place we have discovered, is taking a stack of free weekly advertisement papers home, placing literature inside, then that evening going back and placing the newly stuffed ad’s back in the box for people to find once they get home and look at the ad’s. I placed the literature yesterday and when I returned today to check on my results, all the ad’s (along with my flyers) were completely gone. I plan on doing it again next week when they come out again.

  4. ghost1200 says:

    I like to slip them in the hand holds of 12 packs at the grocery store. One per 12 pack. I never put them in Mexican beer like Corona, Tecate, or Dos XX’s. Although Whites do but those brands, the majority of the buyers are Mestizos. I like to use foreign beer like Heineken, Guinness, Newcastle, St. Pauli Girl, and the like. Those are primarily purchased by Whites, although not exclusively.

    Dan 88!

  5. Kyros says:

    I like to hit Home Improvement stores and tail gates on pickup trucks. As a matter in fact it’s 3am now and I’m going out to spread the word! Strip malls and shopping centers all offer many good places just outside on structures where many people will pass, the 24 hour DVD rental boxes etc and is a well lit place. Many have a security guard or cop on site to deter a potential threat. Also downtown where there is a farmers market are good spots to drop your cards/ literature off.

    Kyros 88

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