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This blog has been online for one week now, and is off to an excellent start. Much better then I expected. According to hosting logs, not only is the site popular in the US, but also in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Portugal, and Brazil. I would also like to thank our beloved Chairman, Rocky Suhayda for the use of his “I Fight – a Mini-Manual of Political Activism” manual. It has become the sites most popular content thus far.

Those who want updates on this site can follow @ANPoutreach on twitter.

I want to know what you want! It is one thing to post an article each Sunday and hope it is of use by our activists, but it is quite another to know what is needed and be able to focus content around those areas. Please send in your content requests to

As Chairman Suhayda once said “the best ideas ever conceived are pretty much useless in bringing to fulfillment, unless they are passed on to others.” Comrades, many of you likely have come across little tips or tricks to help them in their outreach activities. These ideas may be useful for other activists as well. Just to give you one example, my location gets a lot of rain, especially in April when the ANP has it’s annual spring blitz, which kept me from doing any outdoor activism on most nights. A comrade shared with me a trick he had come across, putting material in sandwich bags along with a rock. Thinks to this little trick material is easier to handle and can be delivered almost any night. Comrades, I what to hear about any other trick you may have found. Remember, you never know who might benefit from such ideas.

Tune it tomorrow evening to find out how important your activism is.

Chris 14/88

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