Using the New Editions of Mein Kampf and White Power

The American Nazi Party has recently added a new feature to it’s website. The ANP now features convenient easy to read and link to copies of Mein Kampf and White Power. While these new editions of our most important literature is meant primarily for study, they are also handy for online activism.

Two features make these editions especially useful to online activism: ease of linking and the ability to highlight specific paragraphs.

To link to a chapter in one of the books you merely need to navigate to the chapter and then copy what is in the address bar of your browser. These new editions, however, takes linking one step further. You can also link to a specific paragraph within the chapter. In order to do this go to the address in the address bar and add “#para<number>” to the end of the address, where <number> is replaced with the paragraph number you are linking to. As an example, say you want to link to Mein Kampf, volume two, chapter 9, paragraph 80. The link you would use is

For highlighting, immediately after the .html add “?highlight=<number>” where <number> is the number of the paragraph you want highlighted. You can also highlight a series of paragraphs. To do this you would instead use “?highlight=<start>-<end>” where <start> is the first paragraph you want highlighted and <end> is the last. Use of the highlight feature does not automatically link to the highlighted paragraph. For that you will need to add the paragraph link explained above. Also, the paragraph link must come after the highlight. An example would be to highlight Mein Kampf, volume two, chapter 9 paragraphs 80 through 82. The link you would use is

This is especially useful in correcting incorrect Mein Kampf references. The news and internet are unfortunately filled with such quotes. It seem like every article that references Mein Kampf makes the claim that Hitler said something evil, but does not give a precise reverence other then “it’s in Mein Kampf”, or the closest you can find to what was said is actually the opposite of what is claimed.

Chris 14/88

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